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My photography hobby definitely has a strong impact on my professional life. Sharpening my "photographic eye" helps me clarify which subjects, moods, themes interest me as a storyteller.


I use different types of cameras: an old Canon AE-1 for most of my photographs, my phone when I need to quickly capture a scene, a very fun digital Polaroid snaptouch that seems to have its own interpretation of how colors and white balance work. I also use a Canon 650D for specific digital projects, like the science fiction looking photographs that you can see at the top of the gallery. For this project I combined the body of the digital camera with analog lenses through an adaptor: this resulted in turning the analog lenses into macro lenses. The science behind photography has always fascinated me, especially the chemical process: a couple years ago I decided to turn my bedroom into a darkroom and taught myself traditional B&W development and printing.

I am also a professional maternity photographer in Orlando:

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